The Citizens Handbook

Democracy / Community
Community Toolbox ~ huge collection of how-to articles
Co-Intelligence Institute ~ community engagement resources
Democracy Skills Course ~ from Canada's Democracy Education Network
Time Banks ~ article on sharing services and making friends
Study Circles Resource Center ~ includes how-to guide
New Tactics in Human Rights

CANVAS ~ tactics from the group who took on Milosevic
The Municipal League of King County ~ long running citizens' jury
International Association for Public Participation
Communitarian Network
Public Citizen (US)

Pew Research Center
~ 1st rate US social research
Center for Media & Democracy
~ PR Watch
Center for Science in the Public Interest

Elections / Voting
PoliticsOnline ~ "Fundraising and Internet Tools for Politics"
Teledemocracy network

Project Vote Smart

Proportional Representation Library

US National Election Studies

Fair Vote Canada

Progressive Sites
Activist Resources
Ruckus Training Materials & Resources

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
One Earth
Essential Information
The Progressive Directory
Kettering Foundation
Progressive Economics
- become a micro lender

Non-Corporate Political Insight
The Guardian Newspaper
Independent Media - Canadian non-corporate news
Dominion Paper
- Canadian News from the Grassroots
Truth Out

Michael Parenti
Greg Palast
George Monbiot
The Real News
Alternet Alternative News

Oreo Cookie Budget (US) - great animation
The Story of Stuff - animation on consumption

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The Troublemaker's Teaparty is a print version of The Citizen's Handbook published in 2003. It contains all of The Handbook plus additional material on preventing grassroots rot, strategic action, direct action and media advocacy. You can get a copy of The Teaparty from bookstores, Amazon or New Society Publishers.