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Good Neighbour Awards

Good Neighbour Awards are a great way to create a positve social environment.

To launch a good neighbor award, put nomination boxes around the neighborhood in coffee shops, libraries, schools, and community centers. The nomination box should bear the name of the project and a few lines of instructions. Nominations should include the name and address of the person nominated, why they are being nominated, and the name and address of the person making the nomination.

It's important that every legitimate nominee get an award. Some well-meaning organizations, focusing on outstanding service, choose to recognize only a few people. This is a mistake. By giving out lots of awards you encourage lots of people to think of themselves as good neighbors. This has an upward spiraling effect, encouraging more neighborliness and more small acts that create attractive social places.

To give out the awards, stage a brief ceremony in a public place. Issue a media advisory before and a press release after the event.

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