The Citizens Handbook
Gandhi's methods for converting an opponent

Conversion is the process by which an opponent comes around to embrace your objectives.

1 Refrain from violence and hostility.

2 Attempt to obtain your opponent's trust through
...~ Truthfulness
...~ Openness about intentions Chivalry (kindness if the other side exp
...~ Making behavior inoffensive without compromising the issue at hand

3 Refrain from humiliating an opponent.

4 Make visible sacrifices for one's cause.
...Ideally, make the suffering of the aggrieved visible.

5 Carry on constructive work. Address parts of the problem you can address.
...Make improvements where you can. Participate in activities regarded by
...everyone as benefitting everyone.

6 Maintain contact with the opponent.
...This is absolutely necessary if conversion is to succeed.

7 Demonstrate trust in the opponent.

8 Develop empathy, good will and patience toward the opponent.

This is the best you can do from your end. External conditions may still prevent conversion.

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