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All Sorts of Other Activities

The preceding list of community building activities only hints at the possibilities for community building at the local level. Other possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Consider joining or creating:

  • a garden club that exchanges cuttings and advice;
  • a local traffic committee to promote traffic calming;
  • a parks committee;
  • a walking group;
  • a fixit group that offers a weekly repair drop-in;
  • a community orchestra;
  • a car co-operative for people who do not own cars;
  • a community cafe, or local hangout;
  • a local barter, LETS or currency system.
  • a neighbourhood brewing circle to batch brew beer or wine;
  • a local baseball, volleyball, road hockey, boccie ball team;
  • a seniors' club that arranges excursions;
  • a local historical society that unearths local history;
  • a preservation society that protects old builings;
  • a supper club that eats its way around a circuit of local restaurants;
  • a kids' sports group;
  • a local jogging, exercise, or tai-chi club;
  • a local food co-op that provides inexpensive food;
  • a farmers market;
  • a volunteer group providing after-hour services to those in need;
  • a local theatre group;
  • a local singing group;
  • a neighbourhood design panel that comments on new development;
  • a local earthquake preparedness group;
  • a local welcoming committee for new residents.

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